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Carrier mistakes are no longer your concern.

Every month, our team collects your carrier invoices and imports them into our database. We then compare that carrier invoice data to the information that you have in your benefits administration system.

Next, our Audit Department investigates every discrepancy identified and works to remediate them on your behalf. Discrepancy reports always keep you updated on our progress.

The Mechanics Behind Automated Auditing

VerifiaBill was built specifically for employee benefits.

VerifiaBill’s programming takes into account the fact that legitimate adjustments may exist and not every billing discrepancy is actually an error. When VerifiaBill finds mismatches between your invoice and benefits administration data, it first looks at relevant calendar dates to determine whether the discrepancy should merely be tracked or it is a legitimate error.

For instance, if an employee was terminated after an invoice was run, VerifiaBill is smart enough to know that this discrepancy should be resolved on the next invoicing run with a balanced adjustment. What makes VerifiaBill extremely powerful is the fact that it will track every discrepancy and confirm that resulting adjustments are made.

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Then what?

Once VerifiaBill identifies a billing error, our team immediately begins working to investigate (and validate) the root cause.

Our team compares data from your benefits administration system, current and past invoices from all carriers, and contacts your HR organization to determine exactly why an error is present. All of our findings for each billing error are made available to you through the VerifiaBill portal, and we are always happy to assist in resolving your carrier discrepancies.

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