Benefits Billing Solutions for Employers.

We’ve leveraged over a decade of benefits administration experience to bring you the most impactful employee benefit billing solution, ever.

One Benefits Billing Platform for Employers.

Bring every benefits billing process together with VerifiaBill.

Beneration’s VerifiaBill software offers everything you need to make employee benefits billing simpler than ever.

The Verifiabill Package

Consolidated Carrier Invoicing

Receive a single monthly invoice for all your employee benefits plans. We gather, centralize, and consolidate all carrier invoices in one place, so you miss nothing. Optionally, simplify payments with Carrier Bill-Pay.

The Verifiabill Package

Benefits Cost Allocation

Account for every dollar of your benefits spend. Every carrier invoice is consolidated and streamlined in one report, with every charge allocated to your specific internal cost centers.

The Verifiabill Package

Benefits Reconciliation

Streamline hours of manual invoice and system auditing. See every discrepancy between your carrier invoices and company enrollment data so you can eliminate errors and pay only exactly what you owe.

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Custom Benefits Billing Solutions

Our employee benefits administration solutions for employers go beyond one-size-fits-all. You get what you need and only what you need in a customized billing solution.

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Direct Billing

You get a single monthly invoice for all your benefits plans. We gather all carrier invoices no matter what time of the month they’re due. So you miss nothing.


Billing Software That’s Secure and Simple

Beneration maintains SOC 2 Type II compliance and is committed to the security of your data. And VerifiaBill’s system-agnostic platform simplifies premium invoice auditing, invoice consolidation, and benefit reporting so you never miss a thing.

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