The VerifiaBill Process

Every carrier invoice you need, all in one place —
and that’s just the beginning.

The VerifiaBill Process

Every invoice you need, all in one place — and that’s just the beginning.

No More Manual Processes

Our Seamless, Consolidated Process

We make the process of invoice consolidation, auditing, and cost allocation simple. From receiving bills to making payments and auditing, we do the work so your team 
doesn’t have to.

VerifiaBill Deliverables

Detailed Reporting

  • Each month we provide your monthly benefit billing reports, all in one place. 
  • Your carrier invoices are collected and summarized into one report.
  • Every charge from each carrier invoice is allocated to your internal cost centers, down to the penny.
  • VerifiaBill identifies any premium discrepancies between your carrier invoices and the data in your benefits administration system.
  • You can also consolidate your carrier payments into one monthly payment, and automate the creation of your self-bills. 

Getting Started

Implement With Ease

  • Fast, simple implementation at any time of year. Go from sign-on to reporting in as soon as 21 days.
  • Our platform is both system- and carrier-agnostic.
  • Don’t worry about EDI feeds — they aren’t required.
Help Center

Our solutions are built to support you.

And so is our team. Get answers, information, and support from our expert help center.

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