Benefits Billing Software for Brokers and Carriers

We combine employee benefits experience with proprietary software to offer insightful billing solutions created to meet your clients’ needs. 

Client-Centric Solutions

Benefit Brokers

We’ve reinvented traditional “consolidated billing” services to focus on what is most important to your clients — managing all of their carrier invoices, accounting for them, and reconciling them. And we do it faster and more accurately than everyone else with a system-agnostic platform. 

Simple Billing Solutions for Brokers

We’ll create a unique solution for you based on the number of eligible employees, enrollees, and carriers you use.

Simplify Client Billing

Let’s face it, benefits billing is complicated, and it involves very significant dollar amounts for your clients. We help them achieve a level of financial insight and oversight that they’ve never had before.

Gain a True Partner

We value our broker partnerships and truly want to create solutions that serve both you and your clients. We’re here to make your lives easier too.

Fix Enrollment Errors

Every benefit broker can think of billing or enrollment errors that took months to resolve. We identify all errors before they become a larger issue. Our goal is to make sure that you never pay for a missed enrollment again.

Boost Client Retention

Billing is a huge part of employee benefits. Maintain client satisfaction by solving for complex client requirements and simplifying related billing processes.

Benefit Administration Solutions That Work

Our streamlined solutions produce real-world results.

Our data shows that just over 5% of all premium spend is in error.  Our average client is exposed to an estimated $220,000 in incorrect annual medical premiums alone – we’ll identify all of it.

Simplify Your Billing Processes


Audit claims with unprecedented accuracy and measure your real costs. Improve QA and eliminate endless spreadsheets and disparate systems. 

Better Processes for Insurance Carriers

From self-billing to consolidation solutions, we make it easy to simplify the world of benefits billing for you and the employers you serve.

Eliminate EDI

Your internal teams are inundated with EDI requests, and self-bills for ancillary coverages are the preferred alternative; but that doesn’t mean that they’re an easy sell. Beneration creates self-bills on behalf of clients, and what they see ultimately looks like a regular list-bill. It’s the best of both worlds with Beneration.

Forget Aging Receivables

Our clients pay on time, in full, every month – because that’s exactly what we work with them on. Disputed charges follow a separate process so that your receivables always stay current.

Simplify Structure

Do you have clients who request invoices broken out by their own unique divisional structure? We believe that it’s not your job to allocate costs, and we’ve got a much better way of doing it. Get rid of all the bill groups and divisions and consolidate them into one single monthly invoice.

Boost Client Retention

Historically, our clients stay with their incumbent carriers at renewal far more often than carriers’ baseline retention rates.

We’re here for you

Let’s find your perfect solution.

The above is just the beginning of what we can offer your clients. We’re ready to craft custom benefit billing solutions for each and every one. 

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