Benefits Billing Software for Brokers and Carriers

We combine employee benefits experience with proprietary software to offer insightful billing solutions created to meet your clients’ needs. 

Solutions for your clients


We’ve reinvented traditional “consolidated billing” services to focus on what is most important to your clients — managing all of their carrier invoices, accounting for them, and reconciling them. And we do it more accurately and faster than everyone else with a system-agnostic platform. 

Simple Billing Solutions Tailored to You

We’ll create a unique solution for you based on the number of eligible employees, enrollees, and carriers you use. And say goodbye Blanket Fees. Our standard pricing is based only on active enrollees. 

Impactful Automation

Gain increased oversight of benefit spend and vendor payments with automated invoice collection and audits of all carrier invoices. 

Real-time Reporting

Get real-time expense reporting by cost center. We’ll also allocate and charge back expenses to appropriate divisions

Boost Client Benefits

We work hard to provide our clients with a complementary benefits experience by eliminating ever-persistent billing errors.

Stellar Savings

Our services are priced competitively — at $2 PEPM or less for auditing and cost allocation. We’ll always beat the competition.

Benefit Administration Solutions That Work

Our streamlined solutions produce real-world results.

Our studies show that companies with 150 employees and three or more insurance carriers can save up to $20,000 in incorrect premium charges annually.

Optimize Claims


Audit claims with unprecedented accuracy and measure your real costs. Improve QA and eliminate endless spreadsheets and disparate systems. 

We’re here for you

Let’s find your perfect solution.

The above is just the beginning of what we can offer your clients. We’re ready to craft custom benefit billing solutions for each and every one.