Benefit Cost

VerifiaBill makes it beyond simple to audit and allocate every charge of your monthly employee benefits spend.

Benefit Cost

Our VerifiaBill software makes it beyond simple to audit and allocate your monthly benefit spend.

Solutions That Work

Make Life Easier for Accounting

In addition to ensuring carrier accuracy, VerifiaBill services are a huge advantage to your accounting department.


Remove the hassle and time lost from converting and parsing a multitude of separate invoices from numerous carriers.


You’ll receive one report, with every charge from every invoice consolidated in one place. Every charge will be mapped to your specific internal cost centers.

We Keep It Simple

Full Visibility

See every nitty-gritty detail. You’ll receive a monthly spreadsheet with employee-level billing details from every carrier, as well as departmental summaries.

Impactful Data

We gather all your data by connecting to your benefits or payroll platform and tracking down the carrier invoices. With VerifiaBill, those invoices are automatically converted into data you can use.

Reliable Reporting

We won’t keep you waiting. Your accounting department will receive this monthly report within 5 business days from the date that we receive all carrier invoices.

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Let our solutions simplify your business.

Our tools and our team are primed to help you find order in the chaos of employee benefits billing. Get started today.