VerifiaBill uses your company’s enrollment data to generate your monthly self-bills, saving you time and ensuring accurate billing.

Benefit Cost

Our VerifiaBill software makes it beyond simple to audit and allocate your monthly benefit spend.

Precise Carrier Billing

Make Life Easier for HR Teams

When carrier databases don’t match your company benefits enrollment records, billing discrepancies occur – creating a time-consuming process of auditing and resolving errors.


Remove the headaches and time lost from dealing with conventional billing methods. Instead, let VerifiaBill generate your monthly self-bills.


VerifiaBill not only consolidates and audits your benefit billing data, it also uses your company’s enrollment data to compile and generate your monthly self-bills. 

Beneration Self-Bill Compilation

Simple Self-Bill Generation


If you currently self-bill with any carriers, we’ll query enrollment data from your benadmin system each month and prepare all necessary self-bills.

Impactful Data

VerifiaBill gathers all your data by connecting to your benefits or payroll platform. Your invoices and bills are automatically converted into data you can use.

Reliable Reporting

See every nitty-gritty detail. VerifiaBill’s monthly reports provide employee-level billing details from every carrier, as well as departmental summaries.

Solutions. Support. Expertise.

Let our solutions simplify your business.

Our tools and our team are primed to help you find order in the chaos of employee benefits billing. Get started today.

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