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In addition to ensuring carrier accuracy, our VerifiaBill services are a huge advantage to your accounting department.

If you have multiple locations, EIN’s, divisions, or any other kind of business unit – you probably care about allocating monthly benefit spend.  With multiple carriers, multiple invoices (usually in paper or PDF!) and multiple payment portals, gathering and accounting for carrier invoices is extremely difficult and time consuming.

We can do it for you.  We allocate every charge from every invoice to its appropriate code or account.  You’ll receive a spreadsheet with employee-level billing detail from every carrier, as well as departmental summaries.  We’ll provide this monthly report to your accounting department within 5 business days from the date that we receive all carrier invoices.

Invoice Hack: How it Works

Once we’re connected to your benefits administration or payroll system, we collect all of your invoices, no matter how they are delivered.  Those invoices are then fed into the VerifiaBill system and automatically converted into powerful data.

Our algorithms match the employees on your invoices to the employees listed in your benefits administration or payroll system, and our team always reviews to ensure that the invoices have been imported properly.

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