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Don’t let carrier errors push your buttons.

We all know that carriers make mistakes, and with all of the adjustments that you see on every invoice, it becomes nearly impossible to fully audit each one yourself.

We ensure that 100% of discrepancies are addressed.

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Invoice Consolidation

VerifiaBill’s cost accounting service is programmed to bring you simplicity.

We convert your invoices into a customizable spreadsheet detailing individual employee charges and adjustments. Carrier invoices that were never useful from a data perspective are now more flexible and insightful!

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VerifiaBill loves to be social! We integrate
with multiple benefits administration providers.

We prioritize compatibility with other platforms to save you money and time. We look to your benefits administration provider to obtain trusted information to audit against and have developed secure and automated integration with each of our partners. If we aren’t currently integrated with your benefits administration platform, reach out and let us know!


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