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How do I use VerifiaBill to compare insurance products?
VerifiaBill visualizes the operational and accounting accuracy of the insurance products that you select for your team. Over time patterns of accuracy and confidence or inaccuracy and inconsistency may emerge. VerifiaBill’s team of data scientists produces an annual review of your insurance products so you can discuss their performance with your insurance broker and address any concerns with insurance carriers directly and with data to support your consumer choice.

How do you get back charges made in error?
Our team interfaces with a select group of account managers at each insurance carrier and informs insurance carriers of inconsistencies monthly. VerifiaBill auditors then pursue each inconsistency until its underlying cause is rooted out and the responsible party is made to contribute or released from financial responsibility. Your team can always check on the audit status of each discrepancy within its customized portal. Typically, billing discrepancies take two months’ time to resolve.

When will my insurance bill be ready?
Insurance bills become available at a variety of times each month and those time frames may shift from month to month. Our team audits insurance data as soon as we receive the information from your benefits administration technology provider and from your insurance carrier. We present a consolidated, audited invoice to you within 24 hours.

How do I know when a discrepancy is resolved?
VerifiaBill’s customized web portal shows an active list of pending and resolved billing discrepancies. You can sign up to receive alerts when our auditors resolve discrepancies.

Do I have to pay discrepant amounts?
No. Once we become your Third Party Administrator we will cover the contested amount for you. You pay only the verified amount until we resolve each and every discrepancy.

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