Gear Up!

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If you want to learn about disruption, take a look at companies that haven’t been disrupted. There are dozens of brands you use everyday – think Coca-Cola, Colgate, or Citigroup – that have thrived for decades. If your company can figure out their secrets, maybe it will be ready for the long haul as well. So what do many of these winning companies have in common?

A Winning Product or Service

Most of the long-lived brands deliver the goods. They have an unbeatable product or service that consumers want. Often, their products are top sellers in their marketing niche. Coca-Cola, for example, sells a wide variety of soft drinks and other products.  But it still delivers millions of bottles of its flagship product, Coke, every single day.

A Winning Team

Companies that thrive decade after decade don’t get there by sitting on their hands. They invest in talent. They hire adaptive, diverse employees and managers, who can position their brands to thrive in changing business environments. Or who can introduce their products in new markets. Many of the most recognizable brands have decidedly international leadership, too. They select, train, and develop talent from all over the world, and get great results.

A Winning Personality

Most of the best and oldest brands endear themselves to consumers, and become part of our lives and culture. The Coca-Cola logo is instantly recognizable. You probably have a Coke glass in your cupboard, or a Coke beach towel folded up somewhere. And decade after decade, innovative marketing ensures that consumers are talking about Coca-Cola commercials.

Parting Shots

People talk about the power of disruption all the time these days. But some brands can beat the competition for decades or more, and keep going strong. They leverage top talent to get great results. They deliver great products backed by innovative marketing. And if your company adopts some of these practices, it may be ready to go the distance as well. And if you want to work with a great company that exhibits the traits of these legendary brands, check out VerifiaBill. VerifiaBill identifies and resolves healthcare cost mistakes before they impact the livelihood of businesses and their employees. With its great services and winning team, VerifiaBill is building a brand that will endure in the days ahead.