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Now more than ever, insurance companies must leverage technology to support their customers. This often requires companies to deliver new insurance products or services to market as soon as they are viable.  This can be a challenging task for companies new to the world of technology.  However, it is not impossible. User experience design can help insurance companies achieve success as they attempt to meet their customers’ demands.

What is User Experience Design?

User experience design, or UX, is “the process of enhancing user satisfaction with a product or service by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in the interaction with the product.” This is typically done by building a relationship and interacting with your company’s client base. Once you have developed a solid level of rapport with your customers, you can get the feedback you need to build the insurance products they want.

Interact Before, During and After

In order to build the high-tech insurance products your customers want to buy, you need their timely feedback. Design effective ways to communicate with customers as you design, test, deliver, and update your products and services. This will help sell products today, and in the future as well. VerifiaBill relies on this method to design and provide outstanding insurance invoice auditing and consolidation services. With over 65 years of combined expertise, they have implemented iterations and improvements, based on feedback, to create a customized web portal and software that offers the positive user experience their clients expect.

The Two Way Street

While it is important to receive your customers’ feedback, it is equally critical to provide your feedback to them as well. Good UX designers ensure they are as transparent as possible with their clients. If you plan to offer a new service, upgrade a current product, or discontinue an old one, keep clients in the know. This will keep your customers satisfied. It may also prompt them to give you their own feedback, or even help you make a future sale.

Final Thoughts

If your insurance company is using technology to provide new products and services, it should be leveraging UX right now. User Experience Design will help you get viable products and services to market faster, increase customer satisfaction, and improve sales. So let UX drive your company’s innovation today!