Gear Up!

In 2016 we used this knowledge to develop an entirely new software solution from the ground up—VerifiaBill. VerifiaBill was built with our customers in mind, addressing all of the unique needs that come with managing employee benefits and insurance coverage.

VerifiaBill is designed to be smart, and our audit team is even smarter. Together, we accurately identify every billing error on every invoice – whether you have 100 employees or 10,000. Our main goal is to ensure that your employees have the coverage that they need and that your company is paying exactly what you owe.

The Beneration product ecosystem allows HR departments to spend less time on tedious and repetitive processes and more time focusing on your people. Our CoverageSpace portal serves as the foundational product of Beneration’s solution offering and allows you to manage all of your employee data in one place, while VerifiaBill truly sets us apart in the benefits administration industry.

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