Employee Navigator 2022 Conference

We’re looking forward to meeting you at the Employee Navigator 2022 Conference! Find conference resources and take advantage of waived implementation fees for EN2022 attendees.

Meet Beneration at EN2022!

Eliminate billing errors. Enhance existing clients’ benefits.

Visit the Beneration booth! Discover how Beneration integrates with Employee Navigator to provide premium invoice auditing and consolidation services. Learn how companies use monthly Benefits Reconcilliantion reports to automatically identify discrepant monthly premium spends across all of their carriers and lines of coverage. And grab your free Cookie!

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Digital Resources

Download our conference handouts below:

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Beneration has a long-stranding partnership with Employee Navigator, and provides companies with a seamless integration for consolidating and auditing carrier invoices. And we’re so excited to be alongside the nation’s leading brokers, insurance carriers, and other industry leaders for this wonderful three-day conference.

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Special Conference Offer

Waived implementation fees for EN2022 attendees when you schedule a demo.

No implementation fees for your next client when you schedule a demo. Learn how your client can consolidate carrier billing, eliminate billing errors, and simplify premium payments.

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