All systems run smoothly with insurance invoice auditing.

We all know that carriers make mistakes, and with all of the adjustments that you see on every invoice, it becomes nearly impossible to fully audit each one yourself. Our proprietary VerifiaBill software does the job for you.

Every month, our team collects your carrier invoices and imports them into our database. We then compare that carrier invoice data to the information that you have in your CoverageSpace system. Next, our Audit Department investigates every insurance billing discrepancy identified and works to remediate them on your behalf. Invoice discrepancy reports always keep you updated on our progress.

Invoice consolidation and cost-center accounting bring you simplicity.

In addition to ensuring carrier accuracy, our VerifiaBill services can be a huge advantage to your accounting department. Carrier invoices are typically delivered as paper or PDF’s – these aren’t so useful from a data perspective. Every month, we convert your invoices into a spreadsheet detailing line by line employee charges and adjustments, summarized in any way you like. For instance, we can show the total cost by benefit (medical, dental, vision, etc.) for each office location that you have. Your accounting department will love the added detail.


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