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They say that the customer is always right. In a service industry, it’s even more important to keep your customers satisfied so that they keep coming back time and time again. Obviously, you can achieve this through great customer service, your expert knowledge, and timely pieces of advice when they need it most.

Sometimes it pays off to go the extra mile. So we’ve compiled some tips on how to really impress your clients and to thank them for returning to you over and over again.

Gifts when they’ve done something for you

Maybe your client gave you a great referral, or they gave you a stellar case study. In any case, you should really show your thanks. Just make sure it’s personal to them and not some generic corporate gift. Flowers can go a long way; alternatively, a case of wine might be more up their alley. You can also invite them out for a meal if you’ve got that kind of working relationship.

Social media mentions

Everyone likes a little recognition, and social media can be a great and inexpensive way to do this. Mentioning a client on your social media helps their brand reputation and marketing as well as yours. Just make sure you have their permission first, as they might want to keep certain information under wraps.

A phone call

It seems nearly all communication these days are done through email and text messages. A phone call can be a great way to cut through all the noise and actually make a connection with your client. If you can, drop each of your clients a line every few weeks to see how they are getting along. They’ll appreciate the personal touch.

Going the extra mile with your clients requires some extra thinking and effort – otherwise, it wouldn’t be going above and beyond! Clients do recognize when you’re putting that effort in, however, and it can go a long way toward strengthening your client relationships. This will pay off in increased repeat business, a friendlier working relationship, and maybe even some more referrals.