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For some, picking up a phone and calling a prospect can be the most panic-inducing part of their job. However, every broker will have to do some degree of prospecting in their career. You might as well, therefore, get good at it. They say practice makes perfect, but to help you begin, here are some tips and tricks.

Prep, prep, and prep again

There’s that phrase often thrown about that goes something like, “Fail to prepare and you prepare to fail.” Preparation (and practice) is something that makes all the difference when you go to pick up the phone or walk into a meeting with a prospect. Make sure you do your research. Check out your prospect beforehand and identify what they are most likely to be interested in. Try to deduce their challenges and ambitions. This will help you understand some of their underlying motivation. Perhaps they are embarking on a large recruitment drive, so they need top-notch insurance to try to attract new recruits. However, an additional service they may need to help manage their super-swanky new insurance is a benefits administration platform like CoverageSpace.

Master the art of persuasion

This doesn’t mean you have to turn into one of those slightly-too-friendly salespeople who often sport slicked-back hair and pointy shoes. It does mean that you have to be engaging. If this doesn’t come naturally to you, perhaps consider taking a course on presenting. This will help you identify when you might need to work the room a bit more, move around, keep eye contact with a key decision maker, (and break it before it becomes awkward!) and where to modulate your voice to capture attention.

Don’t be disheartened

The simple fact is that sales is often a numbers game. That doesn’t mean you approach it with a scattergun approach and phone every business listed in the local directory. You need to take a more targeted approach and identify the people who would be most interested in your services.

However, you will have some setbacks. Sometimes the timing isn’t right for a prospect and sometimes you might just get them on a bad day. Don’t let this get you down. Every turn-down brings you a step closer to a win. It gives you more practice at prospecting, teaches you valuable lessons in how to approach people, and it will help refine your pitch for the next prospect.

Prospecting can be a tough affair. However, you cannot sit and wait for new business to come walking through your door. Therefore, it’s a skill every broker must muster. Practice does make perfect, so begin prospecting today and you’ll soon be a pro at it.