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There’s an old British TV series that centered on an upscale department store and its hapless employees. Perhaps you might remember it. In ‘Are You Being Served?’ the crux of many jokes was on the department store staff and all their customer service mishaps. Naturally, no business wishes to be the punchline in any joke, let alone one that unpicks terrible customer service. Mastering the customer service skills listed below will go some way in preventing this from happening.


We’ve put patience at the top for a very good reason – without patience, all other customer service skills fall flat. If you’re dealing with people on a regular basis, you need to have the patience to deal with all their inquiries, concerns, and complaints. Once you’ve been asked fifty times in one day about the logins for a health insurance platform, a bit of patience will come in very handy indeed!

Good listening skills

The saying goes that you have two ears and one mouth, therefore you should listen more than you talk. This rings very true when giving good customer service. Without listening to what a customer wants, how will you possibly know how best to help them? Learn to listen to your clients more than you try to sell to them and you’ll find that your relationship not only improves, but you’ll possibly unearth some interesting sales opportunities as well.

Great expertise

Your customers come to you because they need your knowledge. Especially if you’re a broker. Make sure you don’t let them down by always keeping up to date with the products and services you offer, latest industry trends, and any new technology you think will help your clients in the future – a benefits platform like CoverageSpace for instance!

The ability to stay cool under pressure

This is an important skill that will help you when dealing with negative customers, problems within your own business, and issues that you need to solve for your customers. Being able to maintain a level head and remain calm, even when everyone else around you is panicking, is an essential customer service skill. Your calming presence will be the rock that everyone else will cling on to when the going gets tough.

Customer service is a skill that every employee should have. Great customer service is now expected from every business, and those that don’t provide it often find themselves ridiculed or called out online. It is imperative, therefore, that you learn the above customer service skills and spread the word across your organization.