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You’re used to clients coming to you for advice and your expertise; however, apart from setting them up with a great insurance deal, is there any other way you can prove your worth? In today’s crowded marketplace, it’s becoming increasingly important to provide exceptional service. We’ll take you through some ways you can go the extra mile for your clients.

Keep in contact

This one is paramount as, without clear communication between two parties, a good relationship cannot be built. Make sure you keep in contact with your clients. It can be as simple as picking up the phone or dropping them an email to see how they are getting along.

Listen to their needs

This goes hand in hand with having clear lines of communication. If you’re not listening to your clients then you’re missing out on some vital opportunities to provide extra service. Taking some time to meet with them and assess how they are getting along can uncover some troubles they may be having with their insurance or their concerns. If you can then rectify these for them, by using something as simple to implement as CoverageSpace, then you’ll prove your weight in gold.

Keep up to date

Take an hour or so out each week just to read industry magazines and see what is happening in the world of insurance. If this isn’t already a habit, make it one. Doing this regularly gives you a reason to reach out to a customer if you come across some news that’s relevant to them. Likewise, you might discover a new service or product that you can offer.

People use brokers because of their expert opinion and how easily they can make buying insurance for them. Tap into this by really driving home how informed, up-to-date, and helpful you are. You don’t want your customers to begin questioning your worth, so regularly do these easy tasks and you’ll soon put any doubts to rest.