Small Ways to Make a Big Impression on Your Clients

They say that the customer is always right. In a service industry, it’s even more important to keep your customers satisfied so that they keep coming back time and time again. Obviously, you can achieve this through great customer service, your expert knowledge, and timely pieces of advice when they need it most. Sometimes it […]

Update Your Website to Attract Clients, Not Cringes

There was once a time when sales and marketing happened off the back of a great recommendation, a networking event, or a few exchanged business cards. Then the Internet was invented, and everything changed. Now, if you’re not online, you probably don’t even exist in the eyes of some clients. However, getting online isn’t as […]

Networking Tips Sure to Spotlight You and Your Business

You can throw as many resources and finances as you can towards marketing, but nothing will truly beat the power of a verbal recommendation and introduction. As a broker, you trade on your skills and knowledge. That’s not something that can be put into a marketing brochure or website very easily. Therefore, having a great […]

The Importance of Cyber Security in Your Insurance Agency

Cybersecurity has been high profile news recently. There’s been a spate of headline-making hacks and it should be enough to get us all to take cybersecurity seriously. But we don’t. Until we become victims of a hack, it seems we still seem content to have insecure passwords and dodgy databases. Cybersecurity has become law In […]

How to Effectively Lead Your Insurance Agency to Success

Ask anyone, whether they work in insurance, run a multi-conglomerate, or command an army, effective leaders always lead from the front. But what does this actually mean? In your day-to-day activities, do you understand what habits you need to cultivate in order to lead your team effectively? We’re going to run through some of the […]

Answer These Questions to Improve Your Client Relationships

As a broker, your relationship with your clients is paramount. Indeed, it’s probably one of the main reasons your clients keep coming back time and time again. But have you ever given some thought about the unspoken questions that your clients might have? They might be curious about how you really make your money or […]

How to Optimize Your Sales Funnel to its Fullest Potential

Sales, it’s a function critical to every business. Without actively selling something, you don’t get any new business and your revenue will eventually dry up. However, not all your resources should be geared toward sales. It’s easy to think that you can simply throw money at your sales function and it will perform well. If […]

Sales Techniques and Tips: How to Prospect Like a Pro

For some, picking up a phone and calling a prospect can be the most panic-inducing part of their job. However, every broker will have to do some degree of prospecting in their career. You might as well, therefore, get good at it. They say practice makes perfect, but to help you begin, here are some […]

Persuasive Questioning: An Overlooked Sales Technique

Persuasive questioning is the art of asking questions to understand enough about a person to then persuade them to do something. It is a powerful and often overlooked tool in a broker’s toolkit. You’d be forgiven for believing that closing was the most important sales technique, but how do you get to the close? Through […]

4 Must-Have Customer Service Skills Sure to Lead to Success

There’s an old British TV series that centered on an upscale department store and its hapless employees. Perhaps you might remember it. In ‘Are You Being Served?’ the crux of many jokes was on the department store staff and all their customer service mishaps. Naturally, no business wishes to be the punchline in any joke, […]