Benefits Administration and HR Management Made Easy

Are repetitive HR tasks keeping you up at night? Cyclical work and hard-to-meet recurring deadlines are a headache, but now they don’t have to be.

Human Resources plays an extremely important role, so as an employee benefits software company, we work hard to take recurring and always time-consuming tasks off your plate – giving you the space to concentrate on what really matters.

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Let CoverageSpace
save you time.

CoverageSpace is a complete employee benefits administration software solution.

Our out-of-this-world benefits administration software is a one-stop shop for employee information, benefits, and vacation time-tracking. We don’t stop there though. Our service offerings such as open enrollment, enrollment processing, and setup and support truly set us apart. Gone are the days of new-hire paperwork, benefit enrollments, invoice auditing, ACA reporting, payroll reviews, and dependent audits.

Let CoverageSpace save you money.

Free up time for HR and accounting to focus on what’s important.

In addition to CoverageSpace, we offer premium invoicing services from our proprietary VerifiaBill software. VerifiaBill analyzes every one of your carrier invoices each month and identifies carrier discrepancies. VerifiaBill even makes your accounting department’s lives easier with invoice consolidation and actionable data insights. Did someone say vacation?

Together, CoverageSpace & VerifiaBill save your company time and money.

Our studies show that companies with 150 employees and 3 or more insurance carriers can save up to $20,000 in incorrect premium charges annually.

When CoverageSpace and VerifiaBill work together, the possibilities are endless.

Ready to blast off?

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