How to be the Best Insurance Broker for Your Clients

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If you’ve been a broker for a number of years, you probably think you’ve heard, seen, and experienced everything the industry has to offer. You probably think that you know every aspect of your job and you’ve got a roster of happy clients who trust and rely on you.


If you were asked what your role entails, what would you answer?



It almost goes without saying, but a broker is an expert in their field. Your clients come to you because they do not understand the complexities of insurance and they want you to guide them through it.


You’re their first call when things go wrong, the person they think of when they have a tricky question regarding their health insurance.


Even better, if you’re really committed to giving the best service that you can, then you might even contact your clients. Feeding them key industry news and checking in regularly can be a great way to cement your expert reputation (See our post on building client relationships for more tips on this!).



As well as providing expertise to your clients, you should be there to advise them on the best products and policies for them. That doesn’t just mean selling them health insurance. It also means keeping an eye out for other services, like CoverageSpace, that will make their lives easier.


Helping your clients make the most of their insurance will keep them coming back to you over and over again.



The insurance industry is going through an exciting, but tumultuous time. Thanks to developing technology, the insurance industry is going through some momentous changes. It’s your duty to keep your eyes out for new innovations that can provide you with an edge and assist your clients. Furthermore, keeping them updated with the latest happenings will help strengthen your working relationship.


Being a broker is no easy task, and you have to wear many hats. It’s important that you embrace all aspects of your role so that you can serve your clients with the utmost care and expertise.

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