Simplicity. Accuracy. Savings.

Turn the chaos of employee benefits billing into order with Beneration. We go beyond “billing consolidation,” uncovering premium errors and delivering a comprehensive view of your benefits spending.

The Beneration difference

Maximize Efficiency

Minimize Errors

Our data shows that 87% of monthly invoices contain discrepancies.
Huge savings and accurate enrollments are just the start…

Consolidated Invoicing, Reinvented.

VerifiaBill is Beneration’s intelligent data-matching technology where invoice consolidation and auditing come together, streamlining the financial operations behind employee benefits.

Watch how VerifiaBill simplifies benefits billing:


Secure audits.
Simple reporting.

VerifiaBill is our proprietary software platform that offers a full suite of benefits administration solutions, including premium invoice auditing services, invoice consolidation, and reporting for employee benefits.


There’s a new order of billing consolidation.

Let Beneration get you there.

Who We Serve

Our team is here for your team.

We’re dedicated to making life simple for employers, benefit brokers, and carriers. Beneration combines a team of dedicated analysts with an enhanced benefits administration software to make the world of employee benefits and billing easy.


We focus on details, so you can focus on people.

We verify that employees have the coverage they signed up for and that your company is paying exactly what you owe. Reclaim that time to focus on your organization.


Eliminate billing errors. Enhance existing clients’ benefits. Close deals.

We’ve enhanced traditional “consolidated billing” services to provide the financial details that your clients need; and we do it faster and more accurately than anyone else.


Simplify account structure. Increase client retention. Stop billing headaches.

Carrier invoicing has never been easier. Our unique hybrid of software and service does the work for you, so you can focus on what really matters.

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Ready to simplify benefits billing?

Our team is at the ready to show you how VerifiaBill can consolidate carrier billing, eliminate billing errors, and make your work easier.

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