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Technology is revolutionizing the insurance industry in many ways. One major tech change that insurance brokers must contend with is social media. Do you think that your brokerage will thrive if you don’t establish a social media presence? Chances are, failing to do so will leave you at a competitive disadvantage with rival brokers. Here are three solid reasons why you should get your brokerage on social media today.

Marketing Goldmine

More and more people get their news and consumer product information from social media. In the future, social media sites may be the de facto first place consumers go prior to making purchases. Even now, many customers will travel from a firm’s social media presence right to the company’s website and make a purchase. So if you don’t have a presence there, you are definitely missing out.

Continue the Conversation

A social media presence enables you to engage current and would-be customers more effectively. Comments sections enable you to literally continue the conversation about new products, or your brokerage’s policies. Your social media presence can also help you address any controversies your company may experience, and defuse problems before they put a serious strain on your business.

Expand the Brand

Your social media presence has the opportunity to increase your brand awareness more effectively than a paid marketing campaign ever would. Viewers will often share content on multiple platforms, exposing your brokerage to more and more viewers. Ultimately, as your product awareness grows, you’ll generate more leads. And more leads will help you sell more insurance policies.

Parting Thoughts

The insurance business is changing, and brokers need to change with it to keep their competitive edge. If you don’t have a social media presence right now, your brokerage is likely at a disadvantage. So take the plunge and get your brokerage onto social media today. And as always, remember the team here at VerifiaBill. Check out our social media for more information on us, and our thoughts on the future of the insurance industry!