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3 Features to Consider for Benefits Administration Software

Is managing all of your human resources (HR) issues consuming more and more of your managers’ time? If so, you’re not alone. Fortunately, like many other issues, tech has a solution. There are dozens of new, powerful benefits administration software packages out there that can streamline and optimize your company’s HR management. Here are three […]

Insurance Brokers Need to Implement Social Media…Yesterday

Technology is revolutionizing the insurance industry in many ways. One major tech change that insurance brokers must contend with is social media. Do you think that your brokerage will thrive if you don’t establish a social media presence? Chances are, failing to do so will leave you at a competitive disadvantage with rival brokers. Here […]

How Insurance Companies Can Benefit From Tech Changes

Information technology is rapidly changing our lives. Tech has transformed the way we play and how we work. Insurance companies, especially small ones, have been particularly affected by the changes technology has brought to the industry. Here are three ways your insurance company can use the disruptive force of technology to gain a competitive edge […]

How to Persevere in the Ever-Changing Insurance Industry

Being an insurance agent is a great gig. You sell products that allow people to manage risk and help them out when the unexpected strikes. Your job is people. But these days, being an insurance agent is more difficult than ever. Here are three challenges that are particularly vexing to insurance agents trying to make […]

Investing in Technology Can Save Your Small Business Money

If you own a small business, you know every penny counts, and time is money. You are probably operating at razor thin margins, and managing your cash flows is critical. Fortunately, there are major new tech innovations that are changing the way we do business. Many of these new technologies and services can save you […]

Insurance Industry Trends and Changes in 2018

2018 has proven to be an exciting year. Whether it was politics, the economy, or pop culture, the last several months have brought forth an explosion of changes. The same is true for the insurance industry, which continues to evolve dramatically with the times. Here are three important insurance trends to watch carefully as 2018 […]

How HR Management Software is Revolutionizing the Way We Work

Employees are the lifeblood of your company; its success depends on them. Managing the people who work for you is one of the most important things you do as a leader. And tech innovation is rapidly changing the way businesses do human resource management. Here are 3 ways HR technology will change the way we […]

Insurance Technology Will Save Your Business Money

Managing insurance costs can be challenging for businesses, especially small ones. Fortunately, new tech tools can help control or reduce both the hard and soft costs of insurance. Here are some ways that insurance technology can help your company today. Dealing With the Hard Costs Hard costs are tangible insurance expenses you can place a […]

3 Invoicing Software Tools for Small Businesses

Invoices are extremely important to any business. After all, your customers can’t pay you until they have a bill for the goods or services you provided them. And if you find yourself overwhelmed with issuing and tracking invoices, don’t fret; there are some great software tools out there that can help improve your company’s invoicing […]

Tips for Improving Your Business’s Cyber Security

Cyber threats affect everyone, from private citizens to celebrities and companies, to the Federal Government itself. Improving online security is critical, especially for companies that have to safeguard sensitive data. Failing to do so can put your business and customers at risk and imperil the survival of your business itself. So don’t let your company […]