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In 2014, the social media giant LinkedIn introduced the social selling index, or SSI. SSI is best defined as “a numerical score that measures how well each user fulfills proper social selling practices. It’s a simple way for sales reps to measure their progress at a glance.” More and more employers and business professionals use LinkedIn, so the concept of SSI is becoming increasingly important. If your SSI is too low, it could limit your prospects of landing a new sales job or hurt your promotion chances. But don’t fret; you can raise your SSI. Here are three ways, in fact, you can start improving your SSI today.

Get Connected

In sales, your network is everything. The more people you know, and who know you, the greater your chances of generating leads and making sales. The same is true for your SSI.  Work hard to build a network of influencers on LinkedIn. Seek out people who themselves have many connections, and can help increase your overall exposure to potential and future clients.  Taking the time to build a great network of connections on LinkedIn is one of the best things you can do to improve your SSI.

Get Engaged

If your presence on LinkedIn is marginal, your SSI will suffer. So start engaging. You should read and respond positively to the content your LinkedIn connections post. Also, post original and high-quality content yourself. Sharing original insights will increase your level of connectivity with your network. And it will also help boost your SSI.

Get Adept

A great way to improve your SSI is to get better at using LinkedIn. Learn how to conduct advanced searches on the site. This will help you connect to the people you need to establish relationships with to improve your SSI. Using LinkedIn publisher will help you provide original content, also critical to your SSI. Finally, understanding how the platform works will increase your overall enjoyment of the site, too; it may even aid you as you seek new employment opportunities in a sales job you’ll love.

Parting Thoughts

Start using these tips, and others, to ensure your SSI is where it needs to be. And remember, our team here at VerifiaBill always appreciates your feedback. So check out our social media presence, and then give us a score!