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Running a business can be challenging. Competition is often fierce, and building a loyal customer base is difficult. One way to set your company apart from rivals is to offer value-added services. Value-added services are best defined as “additional benefits consumers can receive when they purchase a product or service. They are non-core services that can help increase customer loyalty and add distinction to your services or brand.” Here are three value-added services your company should consider.

Classes and Training

A great way to inspire customer loyalty toward your products and services is to teach people how to use them. Apple, for example, offers classes to train customers to use their products and software. Lowes and Home Depot have seminars on how to build things using the materials they sell. Consider doing the same, and you’ll likely increase first-time and return customers.

Improved Shopping Experience

Your store should be a great place for customers to visit, as well as shop. Consider offering amenities like free Wi-Fi; this will help you attract customers to your location, and may lead to more sales. Additionally, warehouse stores like Sam’s Club and Costco are famous for offering free samples of their food and drink products; this helps generate excitement. Making your store a rewarding place to visit can help increase traffic there, and improve sales.

Loyalty Rewards Programs

A straightforward way to build customer loyalty is to reward customers for it. Consider offering perks to return customers. Many coffee shops provide cards that are punched at the register each time a customer buys a cup of coffee; the tenth cup is free. Grocery stores like Safeway provide customers club cards, allowing significant discounts on purchases. Rewards programs like these can keep customers loyal and in your stores on a regular basis.

Parting Thoughts

Value-added services can make customers excited about your company. They can also build loyalty and lead to increased sales. So consider these services, and others, to improve your company today. And speaking of value, always remember our team at VerifiaBill. Our team of data-scientists adds value to our services, auditing your insurance bills and following up with carriers to make sure you only pay what you should!