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Keep Your Insurance Customers Happy With These Tips

Customers matter more than ever. Sure, the insurance market is changing rapidly. And yes, new laws and regulations like the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act are transforming the way people buy health insurance. And financial technology, or FINTECH, is driving innovation and change in the insurance industry as well. However, more than anything else, […]

Benefits That Will Set Your Company Apart

Running a business can be challenging. Competition is often fierce, and building a loyal customer base is difficult. One way to set your company apart from rivals is to offer value-added services. Value-added services are best defined as “additional benefits consumers can receive when they purchase a product or service. They are non-core services that […]

4 Ways to Deal With Late Payers

Sooner or later, every business gets stiffed. You deliver outstanding products or services to a client, and they fail to pay on time. Dealing with late payments may be painful, but it is also a critical management task. Here are 4 ways to deal with late payments, and minimize the impact they have on your […]

The 5 Qualities That Define a Great Insurance Broker

There are thousands of insurance brokers out there. But how many of them are truly great? And what is the difference between a good broker and a great one, anyway? Here are a few ways to tell a great broker apart from others who are so-so. Ready 24/7 One difference between a good broker and […]

Why You Need to Care About Customer Lifetime Value

Your customers are the most critical component of your business. You strive to keep your current customers happy and work even harder to attract new ones. But did you ever wonder how much each customer was worth to your company? Calculating your customers’ value is more than just an academic exercise. It can help managers […]

UX is Driving Innovation in Insurance

Now more than ever, insurance companies must leverage technology to support their customers. This often requires companies to deliver new insurance products or services to market as soon as they are viable.  This can be a challenging task for companies new to the world of technology.  However, it is not impossible. User experience design can […]

4 Ways to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Customers keep your company going. Your success or failure rests on how well you can find new customers and keep old ones coming back. If your company finds managing customer relationships challenging, do not worry. Here are four tips that can help make and keep customers happy with your products and services. Seek Out and […]