Gear Up!

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Spring has sprung! As winter happily comes to a close, many of us are in the gym or hitting the pavement, getting ready for summer. But what about your company?  You made it through the winter, and have the rest of the year ahead. Maybe it’s time to make sure your business is ready for summer, and everything that comes after that. Here are three things you can do to give your business its own spring cleaning. This will help ensure your company is in fighting shape, and ready for the best year ever!

Get Those Taxes Done!

April 15th comes around quick, are you ready for it? If not, start doing your tax preparations now. Set aside time each week to compile the paperwork you need to file your federal and state taxes. Schedule a meeting with your accountant, and seek advice to ensure you are ready to file. If your business is more complex, consider hiring accounting expertise to get you to the finish line with taxes, too.

Set Some Goals

As spring begins in earnest, set some key business goals to guide your company over the next 8-12 months. Consider sales, revenue, and profit targets for each quarter; then set them. Use data from the previous year to aid you in this process. New goals will help focus your employees and you, so you can act with a purpose throughout the rest of the year.

Make Investments

Spring is a great time to invest in your company’s success. Consider improving your key infrastructure – your physical store, your website, or your shop/factory – to make it more productive. Update your computers and IT systems to better enable your employees, too. And study emerging trends; maybe it’s time to update your products and services, or even develop brand new ones.

Parting Thoughts

Happy spring! Make sure you take advantage of the longer days and better weather to get your business in great shape. And remember your partners at VerifiaBill. We’re here to help with your spring cleaning, by auditing your insurance bills and making sure you only pay what you should!