Gear Up!

3 Tips for a Healthier Business This Spring

Spring has sprung! As winter happily comes to a close, many of us are in the gym or hitting the pavement, getting ready for summer. But what about your company?  You made it through the winter, and have the rest of the year ahead. Maybe it’s time to make sure your business is ready for […]

3 Characteristics Successful Insurance Brokers Share

These days, making it as an insurance broker is more challenging than ever. But somehow, there are many brokers out there that are not only surviving; they’re thriving! What’s their secret? Beyond hard work and dedication, successful brokers have a few things in common. Here are three observations that can help you succeed as an […]

How to Improve Your Company Culture ROI

It’s easy to take your company’s culture for granted. You can’t measure company culture on a balance sheet nor is culture a line item when you’re determining quarterly profits. But it should be. Your company’s culture is critical to its success. And when you learn how to measure your company culture’s return on investment (ROI), […]

How to Persevere in the Ever-Changing Insurance Industry

Being an insurance agent is a great gig. You sell products that allow people to manage risk and help them out when the unexpected strikes. Your job is people. But these days, being an insurance agent is more difficult than ever. Here are three challenges that are particularly vexing to insurance agents trying to make […]

3 Ways an Insurance Company Should Act Like a Startup

There are big differences between up and coming startup companies and established insurance firms. The organizational cultures are starkly different, for one thing. But startups have some great qualities that can give even large insurance companies a competitive edge over their rivals. Here are three things that insurance companies can learn from startups. Going Paperless […]

The 5 Qualities That Define a Great Insurance Broker

There are thousands of insurance brokers out there. But how many of them are truly great? And what is the difference between a good broker and a great one, anyway? Here are a few ways to tell a great broker apart from others who are so-so. Ready 24/7 One difference between a good broker and […]

The Best Investments to Grow Your Insurance Company

Like any other business, insurance companies must invest wisely to be successful. Many insurance companies focus on financial investments when it comes to improving their competitive advantage. However, in today’s challenging environment, having a healthy portfolio is not enough. Here are three winning investments every insurance company should make to be successful. People Good insurance […]

How to Avoid Small Business Fraud

Small businesses often pay a big price when it comes to fraud. Smaller companies tend to be more susceptible to fraud and theft. Companies with less than 100 employees often suffer higher loss levels than larger companies that can afford more security services, too. It doesn’t have to be that way, however. Here are three […]

How to Allocate Resources for Long-Term Success

One of the best ways for companies to succeed is to invest in success. Allocate capital into a winning product or department, and your company will likely deliver growth and profits. 33 percent of companies fail to do this, however. They invest time and money wherever old habits and corporate politics lead them. If you […]

How to Measure Success Within Your Insurance Company

If you’re running an insurance agency, setting performance objectives can be challenging. Many insurance companies like to focus on sales goals. However, the insurance industry is cyclical, and forces outside of your control can affect sales. Tracking sales alone may not provide accurate feedback on your company’s performance. So don’t focus on sales and revenue […]