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There was once a time when sales and marketing happened off the back of a great recommendation, a networking event, or a few exchanged business cards. Then the Internet was invented, and everything changed. Now, if you’re not online, you probably don’t even exist in the eyes of some clients. However, getting online isn’t as simple as creating yourself a website and a few social media accounts. It’s important that your online presence is working as hard as it can to attract as many prospects as possible. A huge part of your online presence is your website. We’re going to run through some tips that will help you make sure your website is converting prospects and not chasing them away.

Show off your knowledge

It can be tempting to create yourself a stunning website, publish it online, then think your work is done. Sadly, your work is far from done. The best websites are constantly updated. If you don’t have a blog section where you can publish your thoughts, you should seriously consider getting one. Even if the most you can post is once a month, this will still keep your website fresh. Additionally, when you have a great new case study, make sure you post it on your website. The same goes for company news. Keeping your website updated doesn’t just keep your clients and prospects returning to your website, it also helps with your SEO and search rankings. This means your website may appear higher than your competitors in certain search results on Google, Bing, and so on.

Make it easy to contact you

Think of your website like an entryway to your business. Once a prospect has spent some time looking around your website, you’ll want them to find it easy to contact you. If you make it difficult, you’ll lose a few prospects who cannot find the right details to get a quote or advice from you. Make sure you have a clear and concise contact page on your website. It’s also a good idea to have a ‘Contact us’ button placed on every page so that visitors always have the option to reach out.

Make it SEO optimized

SEO has been around for a while but you’ll be forgiven for thinking it is just marketing jargon. SEO works on search engine algorithms. It is a way to try to get onto the first page of results when people search for insurance brokers on Google. If done right, you’ll be top of the pack when people type in certain search terms. The easiest way to ensure the search engines are ranking you well is to always keep your website up to date and fresh with quality, robust content. Another way is to have an active social media presence (check out our tips on this here). If you want to get really serious about SEO then hire yourself a professional who can optimize your website for you.

Websites are an effective way to increase your brand reputation and attract new prospects. The key, however, to getting the most out of them is to make sure they are user-friendly, with regular content to keep people engaged and an easy way to contact you. Taking some time to invest in your website can pay off in the long run when it helps you land your dream client.