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Ask anyone, whether they work in insurance, run a multi-conglomerate, or command an army, effective leaders always lead from the front. But what does this actually mean? In your day-to-day activities, do you understand what habits you need to cultivate in order to lead your team effectively? We’re going to run through some of the traits all effective leaders need in order to motivate and get the best results from their teams.

Know your weaknesses

This could be a bit of a controversial one in some circles, but to truly be a great leader, you need to understand your own limitations. Being a leader isn’t about being great at absolutely everything – that’s what your team is for. When you run your agency, you don’t need to be a marketing expert or the best salesman on your team, you just need to understand how to bring the best out in others. Identify where you’re not so skilled and then step aside to let someone who is an expert in that area do their job. That’s probably what you hired them for.

Be open to constructive criticism and acknowledge mistakes

This goes hand in hand with knowing your weaknesses. You need to be open to receiving constructive criticism from your team, to putting your hands up and admitting when you’ve made a mistake. Striving for perfection and avoiding any criticism is a fast way to alienate your team and lose their trust. Every great leader has the backing of their team. If you listen to them, even when they’re telling you that you’re wrong, you’ll gain their backing for life.

Set clear expectations

Great leaders really do lead from the front, because they know exactly where they are going. You need to have a crystal clear view of where you’d like your agency to be in the future. Set realistic and clear expectations for your team, achievable goals and communicate your ambitions to your team regularly.

Never ever stop learning

Never think your job is ever done. You should constantly seek to learn about new industry trends and developments. You never know when the next game-changing innovation is going to be invented, but if you’re the first to know, well, both your agency and your team are going to benefit immensely. You might also discover something that helps your team work more effectively or that you could upsell to your clients, a benefits administration platform like CoverageSpace, for instance!

Ultimately, the traits of good leadership all achieve the same thing. They help a team trust and respect their leader. A great leader, therefore, isn’t feared or revered. They cultivate a relationship with their team that is open, with great communication and everyone aiming toward a common goal. They lead from the front but never forget about the people who are bringing up the rear.