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You can throw as many resources and finances as you can towards marketing, but nothing will truly beat the power of a verbal recommendation and introduction. As a broker, you trade on your skills and knowledge. That’s not something that can be put into a marketing brochure or website very easily. Therefore, having a great network is key to getting new business. So, if your network is looking a little worse for wear, read our tips on how to bring it back into top shape.

Get yourself and your business online

If you or your business isn’t already on social media, you should be. The whole purpose of social media is to be social, so join some groups, retweet relevant industry news and start publishing LinkedIn posts showing off your knowledge. With social media, you have access to a global pool of experts and professionals, so make sure you don’t overlook it. Just a note of warning, however, keep your accounts professional and don’t enter into any heated discussions or arguments with people online. Oh, and keep the cat photos to a minimum.

For your business, an online presence is essential to growth. If your business isn’t online, you are missing out on a whole host of potential new business.

Invest in the right tools

Don’t just rely on your knowledge to get you new business. Add value to services by using tools like CoverageSpace to make your clients’ lives even easier.

Get yourself to the bar

By this, we don’t just mean your local bar. Go to networking events and work the room. If the idea of introducing yourself to complete strangers fills you with fear, then head toward the area of the room with the most people congregated around it. In other words, head to the bar, and strike up a conversation with a few people as they wait. Good openers include asking why they’ve attended the event or whether they’ve just watched a speech or a seminar. Ask their opinion, and the conversation is sure to start moving.

Practice makes perfect with networking. So if it really isn’t something you feel you can do, go to some smaller meetings before trying out large industry events.

Give as well as take

Your network is a great way to tap into skills and expertise when you need – but it goes both ways. Make sure you give as much as you get, and make yourself available to people when they need advice or something else from you.

Building a network takes time and effort, but it does pay off in the long run. Grow your network and your business will grow in tandem with it.