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As a broker, your relationship with your clients is paramount. Indeed, it’s probably one of the main reasons your clients keep coming back time and time again. But have you ever given some thought about the unspoken questions that your clients might have? They might be curious about how you really make your money or what they get out of working with you. But they might be too polite to ask. Identifying these unspoken questions and then answering them for your clients can strengthen your ongoing relationship with them.

How much do you cost and how do you make your money?

This question is twofold and dependent on whether your client is a regular and well-established one, or a new client – or even a prospect. One question that many new clients will probably be asking themselves is how much you  actually cost. They’re waiting for a hefty bill to come at the end of the month. Once that doesn’t arrive they’ll be left wondering how you make your money. Explaining whether you’re fee-based or commissioned-based can put their minds at ease. If your fees are built into the policy price automatically, let them know; likewise, if you’re charging hourly for your consulting services, tell them.

More importantly, instead of just focusing on cost, explain how you offer them value for money. You can use the information in the next section to help you with this.

What are the perks of working with you?

If you’ve been working with a client for a long time, hopefully, they won’t be asking themselves this question. For new clients or prospects, they might be left scratching their heads over what a broker offers them.

Instead of just telling people why brokers are so helpful, you can obviously show them. Show off your expertise and industry knowledge by giving them some useful news about the industry that directly affects their business. Show off how easy you can make their insurance buying by handpicking policies that are perfect for them or showing them platforms like CoverageSpace that will help with their daily work.

Most importantly, you need to communicate with your clients regularly. Our recent post on keeping your clients engaged can help you with this.

As your relationship with your clients develops, those unspoken questions they might have will eventually come to air. However, you can strengthen your relationships much quicker by pre-empting those questions and answering them before your client gathers the courage to ask.