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Everybody wants to be the best, right? After all, you didn’t get into the insurance industry to simply be mediocre, to offer an average service to your clients, and sell run-of-the-mill products. You want your business and services to stand out and to exceed client expectations every time. There are some simple ways to do this, and we’ll run through some of them below.

Keep everything in its place

Imagine walking into an office to find reams of paper everywhere, stationery scattered all over the desk, the phone perched haphazardly on top of a stack of unanswered mail. What do you think of the person who works in this office? If you want to make a good first impression (and also get your work done more effectively) you’re going to have to have a tidy desk. Organization is key. Everything should have a designated spot and, more importantly, you should know where that spot is!

Always have a plan B

Successful brokers understand that things can go wrong at the worst and most random times. You should always have a backup for everything. That includes your contracts and signatures, your staff, and your computer system, anything that you need to keep your business functioning on a day-to-day basis. Hope for the best, but plan for the worst. Hopefully, you’ll never need your backups, but you’ll be thankful for them if you do.

Become a people-person

Businesses look to brokers for their expertise and human touch. That’s what differentiates you from any online insurance selling service. So cultivate a strong relationship with your clients by always keeping in touch and listening to their needs. Check out our dedicated blog post on this for more tips.

Keep up to date

The industry is constantly changing, especially nowadays with the pace of technology. It’s your duty as a broker to always keep abreast of new developments, especially if they will really impact your clients. Sometimes a new service will be invented that will really help your client with their daily work, something like CoverageSpace for instance.

The best brokers always strive to exceed expectations. They focus on being organized, planning for any possibility, and building strong relationships with their clients. They’re not happy with simply standing still and they are always learning. It sounds like a tall order, but in reality, you only need to make a few small changes in order to achieve many of these goals. Tidying your desk regularly (on a quiet Friday afternoon perhaps?) and phoning or meeting with a client once a week can be small tasks that add up to a big impact. You can spend a morning each week catching up with industry news. This will also give you something to talk to your clients about during your weekly call or meeting! Developing a contingency plan is a little more time-intensive, but it’s pretty much a one-off and will just need reviewing every few months. It isn’t a laborious affair, and if you begin now, you’ll soon see huge improvements in the service you offer to your clients.