Improve Customer Engagement Using These Proven Strategies

Good engagement is crucial to every business, but especially brokers. Brokers are often used specifically for the advice and expertise they can give. But this shouldn’t stop once a client has decided to purchase insurance and partner with you. The key to growing and maintaining a good working relationship lies in keeping in touch with […]

Understanding the Benefits of Social Media for Business

Millions of users = millions of opportunities It’s hard to imagine that just a few years ago we hadn’t heard of Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. The social networks have become such a significant part of our lives and an extremely effective way to reach a wide range of people at relatively little cost. Thanks to […]

Health Insurance as a Tax Saving Investment

Taxes. Since Ancient Egyptian times, we have all had to pay some sort of mandatory levee which often leaves us feeling a little short-changed. After all, haven’t we all wondered at some point “Where do my taxes even go?” However, the taxman does offer some concessions, especially for small business owners looking to provide health […]

The Argument for Offering Employee Benefits

As a business owner, you want to ensure that your staff is happy working for you. Not only does this create a good working environment, but it also helps increase retention and can make it easier to hire the best talent. One good way to ramp up your employee satisfaction is to help them create […]

How to Build the Best Team

We’ve all seen a person who really loves their job and thrives in it. Often, these are the very people who put a smile on our faces, whose service we remember, and who we really enjoy doing business with. Tapping into the strengths and passions of your employees is key to making sure each and […]

The UX Philosophy: How to Improve Customer Experience

As the old saying goes, the customer comes first. But with many businesses, sometimes the customer gets lost under a heap of operations, profit and losses, and shareholders or investors to keep happy. That being said, there is a growing trend for a more customer-centric approach to business. After all, behind every successful organization, you’ll […]

Small Business Tips: Offering Employee Benefits

There’s some great news if you work for a small business – you’re part of a select group of the happiest employees in the world! Unfortunately, it’s not all good news, as there is one area where employees feel small businesses are failing: benefits. Many small businesses offer no employee benefits, according to a survey […]

Money Saving Tips for Small Businesses

For small business owners, cash flow worries can keep you up at night. It can be frustrating to be unable to finance different growth projects that you believe will help set you apart from competitors or offer benefits that will retain the best employees. There are many avenues available to get financing as a small […]

Reassess Your Client Relationships

How often have you found yourself telling a prospect that you’ll be working in partnership with them? Nowadays, the word ‘partner’ is tossed about so often it has almost taken on cult status in some sales circles. But have you ever stopped to reflect on what a true partnership is? Does it sum up your […]

Understanding Health Insurance: The Basics

Coming to grips with your health insurance is tough. Our health is one of the most important investments we will make in our lifetime, and health insurance is paramount to many individuals and their employers. That said, there are many who still don’t fully understand the ins and outs of health insurance. That’s somewhat understandable […]