Software for the Future of Insurance

We always hear that the ‘future is here,’ especially at new technology product launches. Indeed, Google’s recent unveiling of Pixel Buds set hearts racing across the tech industry and wider afield. For those not yet in the know, Pixel Buds can translate 40 languages in real-time with huge implications for global commerce, translation services, and […]

Simple Tips to Becoming a Stand-Out Insurance Broker

Everybody wants to be the best, right? After all, you didn’t get into the insurance industry to simply be mediocre, to offer an average service to your clients, and sell run-of-the-mill products. You want your business and services to stand out and to exceed client expectations every time. There are some simple ways to do […]

Make Your Value Proposition Known Through Customer Service

You’re used to clients coming to you for advice and your expertise; however, apart from setting them up with a great insurance deal, is there any other way you can prove your worth? In today’s crowded marketplace, it’s becoming increasingly important to provide exceptional service. We’ll take you through some ways you can go the […]

4 Tips for Securing Client Referrals

Back in the day, word of mouth could either make or break your small business. Nowadays, it can be easy to think that all you need is a decent marketing budget and some know-how on social media, email marketing, and networking. However, word of mouth still holds power, and a good client referral can make […]

How to Build Quality Client Relationships

Have you ever dreamt of the kind of client relationship that lasts for the entire lifetime of your business? This might seem like a pipedream for some, but there are some techniques and tricks you can use to strengthen your working relationships with your clients. Having a good relationship with your client is just common […]

Tips and Advice for an Effective Sales Team

We get it, you’re a broker, not a salesperson. Your background is in insurance, not necessarily cold-calling. However, it’s now part-and-parcel of your job to carry out some sales activities. It makes sense, therefore, for you to understand some sales fundamentals. We’re talking about what makes a good salesperson, key skills they should have, and […]

Sales Techniques and Tips: How to Prospect Like a Pro

For some, picking up a phone and calling a prospect can be the most panic-inducing part of their job. However, every broker will have to do some degree of prospecting in their career. You might as well, therefore, get good at it. They say practice makes perfect, but to help you begin, here are some […]

Persuasive Questioning: An Overlooked Sales Technique

Persuasive questioning is the art of asking questions to understand enough about a person to then persuade them to do something. It is a powerful and often overlooked tool in a broker’s toolkit. You’d be forgiven for believing that closing was the most important sales technique, but how do you get to the close? Through […]

3 Surprising Ways to Give a More Effective Sales Presentation

There are two kinds of people in this world, the ones who run into a room ready to jump headfirst into a sales presentation and the ones who shake at the very notion of one. Giving a sales presentation can be a tricky skill to master, especially if you’re not a sales professional by trade […]

Use These Technology Skills to be a Better Insurance Broker

Technology is an integral part of all our lives, from the moment we wake up to the minute we lay our heads down again at night. Nearly every aspect of our lives is affected in some way by technology. Even an industry as old as insurance cannot avoid technology. So if you’re not totally clued […]