Brokers, Here’s Why You Should Care About Insurance Tech

There’s no avoiding it. Technology is all around us and it’s really leaving its mark on the insurance sector. Insurancetech (or insurtech or instech) covers pretty much any technology that’s altering the way the insurance industry works – CoverageSpace falls under this umbrella. Insurtech could very well be one of the biggest debates in the […]

How to Navigate a Dot-Com Bubble as an Insurance Broker

With many start-ups currently promising to change the insurance game, there’s something of a revolution happening in the industry at the moment. Similar things were afoot just a few years ago – before it all came grinding to a halt thanks to the dot-com bubble, which didn’t just shake the tech industry but also sent […]

How Insurance Brokers Can Change the Industry’s Reputation

Perhaps you’ve met a frazzled fellow dinner party guest who spent the evening telling you how much they dislike your industry, or you’ve heard mutterings against insurers on your daily commute. However you heard it, it’s likely you’ve been subject to some complaints about your chosen profession. There’s no way around it, insurance has an […]

How Brokers Can Align Clients’ Business Goals With Their Own

As a broker, you’re often brought on board to help a business understand their insurance needs and which products best suit them. But you can do so much more. Instead of just offering insurance, you can closely align yourself with your client’s business goals in order to help them and in turn, yourself, achieve more. […]

How to be the Best Insurance Broker for Your Clients

If you’ve been a broker for a number of years, you probably think you’ve heard, seen, and experienced everything the industry has to offer. You probably think that you know every aspect of your job and you’ve got a roster of happy clients who trust and rely on you. If you were asked what your […]

The Importance of Underwriting in Insurance

Underwriting: it’s the foundation of the whole insurance industry. That is why it’s so important for underwriters to make the right decisions. It is up to them, and nobody else, to ensure that a correct level of risk is entering the industry and that this risk is matched by the right premium. If this balance […]

Insurance 101: What is a Risk Retention Group?

Insurance can be a tricky (and risky!) business. Not least because of all the different kinds of insurance companies out there who are able to provide insurance products. We’re going to help you understand one of them – risk retention groups (RRGs). RRGs’ beginnings An RRG is a type of insurance company that has been […]

How Brokers Can Best Help Clients With Insurance Claims

For many people, having to make an insurance claim is part of a long stressful experience that they find themselves forced into. Especially if they have to make a health insurance claim. If someone finds themselves having to make a claim on their health insurance, they’re obviously not in a great situation. They are likely […]

How to Make Technology Your Business’s Ally, Not its Enemy

The insurance market is more competitive than ever. Brokers are finding it increasingly difficult to differentiate themselves in an industry that’s getting more and more crowded. How then, do you stand out amongst the insurance crowd? The answer could very well lie in technology. However, before you rush out to buy yourself the latest benefits […]

Software for the Future of Insurance

We always hear that the ‘future is here,’ especially at new technology product launches. Indeed, Google’s recent unveiling of Pixel Buds set hearts racing across the tech industry and wider afield. For those not yet in the know, Pixel Buds can translate 40 languages in real-time with huge implications for global commerce, translation services, and […]