Tips and Advice for an Effective Sales Team

We get it, you’re a broker, not a salesperson. Your background is in insurance, not necessarily cold-calling. However, it’s now part-and-parcel of your job to carry out some sales activities. It makes sense, therefore, for you to understand some sales fundamentals. We’re talking about what makes a good salesperson, key skills they should have, and […]

How to Pick the Best Benefits Administration Software

When you set out to choose a benefits administration platform, you may feel overwhelmed very quickly. You may be faced with a host of different providers with little way of telling each apart. Research, Research, Research First things first, like when you do any deal with a company, you should do a quick background and […]

How to Build the Best Team

We’ve all seen a person who really loves their job and thrives in it. Often, these are the very people who put a smile on our faces, whose service we remember, and who we really enjoy doing business with. Tapping into the strengths and passions of your employees is key to making sure each and […]

Introducing the Best in Ben Admin

Introducing CoverageSpace By Beneration, the next big thing in health benefits administration. In the US, corporate wellness is big business. It’s worth close to $8 billion and is growing rapidly. Organizations now understand that a healthier workforce pays off in the long run. There are endless healthcare plans, dental plans, and gym memberships now offered […]